About NeurographicAcademy

NeuroGraphica Specialist Level

We are a team of Neurographica Instructors and coaches certified by the Neurographica Institute of Pavel Piscarev. 
We are authorised to teach Neurographica courses and issue certificates that are backed up by the Neurographica Institute.

We are also Transformational Coaches. We coach clients using Neurographica during their session to find the best solutions to their problems, to recognise their true desires and make the right decisions using their own creativity and Neurographica technics. If you are stressed, struggling, unhappy with your current situation, or want to help someone you love, please contact us. Neurographica worked for us, and we are ready to share it with you.

We fell in love with Neurographica, and found our creativity and inspiration, which brought meaning to our lives. We believe Neurographica can help people with anxiety, PTSD, building relationships, and reaching business goals. There is no limit to what you can achieve with Neurographica. Most importantly – it helps people feel more present, peaceful, resolve conflicts, and create a better world.  We are all connected, and we can all help each other sing the great song of the Universe. Every life is an amazing opportunity to experience the magic of what Earth has to offer. The choice is yours.

Our Team

Anna Romanenko

Anna is a Healer, Facilitator of Systemic Constellations, and she also have 2 MBA degrees. She was born in Russian and lives in Seattle, USA. - Certified Instructor of Neurographica - Certified Teacher for Specialist Level - Certified Teacher for Neurographica for Children

Nat Lee

Nat (Natalia Kolev) Neurographica Instructor, and Esthetics Coach​

Nat is a Reiki master, EFT practitioner, and has an MBA in Finance and accounting. She is from Bulgaria and lives in Dallas, Texas, USA​

Mandy Osburg Loughman Certified Neurographica User

Mandy is a yoga teacher, artists, and is studying to become a Neurographica Instructor. She has degrees in art and education. She is from New Orleans and lives Houston, Texas, USA.

What is Neurographica?

Institute of Psychology and Creativity

Neurographica® is an unique art method that immediately puts your mind in a relaxed state of flow, synergistically connecting your subconscious with your fingers as you draw. 

The benefits of this amazing technique are boundless, and include increased mental clarity and positivity, increased motivation, a greater sense of peace, and so much more

After learning the Neurographica® method, you will gain an invaluable tool for managing life events-no matter how how challenging-through the application of drawing methods specifically designed to improve any life circumstance, big or small. 

Neurographica® is also super fun, and you don’t have to be an artist to reap the life-changing benefits!

Neurographica® was developed by Russian philosopher, psychologist, architect, and professor Pavel Piskarev in 2014. Since then, Neurographica has proven to be equally effective in both individual and teamwork settings.

Neurographica® Theory is built on solid scientific principles, combining visual thinking with the laws and patterns identified by various schools of psychology. Namely: neuropsychology, analytical psychology, Gestalt psychology, Psychosynthesis, social psychology and modern management theory.

Training of professionals in Neurographica® includes:

  • Neurographica® Basic User Level Course – Drastically improve your life by learning and applying Neurographica algorithms in 4 guided, weekly lessons. Following the course, you will receive a certificate, and have lifetime access to videos and instructor feedback. This course is for personal use only.
  • Neurographica® Specialist Level course – After completion of this specialist course, this certificate allows you to incorporate Neurographica techniques in your coaching or healing sessions, elevating your practice to new levels, and giving your clients a deeply healing and enriching experience! Take a deeper dive into the science behind Pavel’s theory, and find out why this method is so effective.
  • Neurographica® Instructor Level course – Currently only available at the Neurographica® Institute in Moscow.